“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born
I consecrated you” Jeremiah 1:5

Baptism is the priceless gift of God’s saving grace.  It is a joyful sacrament for an individual and the entire parish community, the sacrament that welcomes a child or adult into the Church, bestows grace and gifts of faith, hope and love upon the recipient, and takes away the stain of original sin. In adult Baptism, all prior sins are forgiven.

Two big things happen to us when we are baptized.

  • We receive the supernatural life, called sanctifying grace, which dissipates the spiritual emptiness of original sin and leads us to God.
  • And there is imparted to the soul a permanent and distinctive quality which we call the character or the mark of Baptism. This mark is permanent and indelible. Not even the loss of faith can remove it. A baptized person always remains a Christian: the Baptismal seal confers a permanent relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Parish Family of St. Raphael-Holy Angels would like to welcome the newly Baptized in our Parish.  May God watch over them all and hold them in the palm of His hand.

If you wish to have your child baptized, families are required to attend a Baptismal Prep class, which is usually held the 2nd Monday of each month from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. (except July, August and December). The class is for both parents and the godparents. We go over the Letter of Eligibility requirements with you. Once the letter is received back, then we can schedule the Baptism. Note: class must be attended. If the classes are not attended then the Baptism date will be cancelled.

For more details, please contact Alice Bolton at the Parish Office at 609-585-7049.