Parish Mission Committee

Annual Parish Mission Committee

Chairperson:   Josephine Woodward
Santa Trombino

A Mission is a once in a year parish-wide family retreat. It is a profound, personal experience for the whole family, examining life, all being nourished at the same time, but each in a different way.   Everyone has to confront, at some point in their lives, the meaning of life. Why am I here? What is my purpose? How do I get to Heaven? The Parish Mission helps you find the answer to these questions!

In addition to the spiritual renewal of the individual, entire communities can be transformed by a renewed love of God and neighbor. Come excited! Come with an open mind and an open heart. Be ready for God to surprise you! Listen to what the speaker is trying to convey, and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking in your heart. Listen to your fellow parishioners in your discussion groups. You will get out feeling refreshed and renewed!

The ultimate goal of the Parish Mission  is realizing God’s plan for us, bringing us from where we are—broken, divided from each other, wounded in so many ways, weak and weary—to where God wants us to be: in a perfect relationship of love with Him and with our neighbor!

Parish Mission event – October 10, 2018 Rejoice an Be Glad: Your Call to Holiness with
Deacon Bob Tharp, Santa Trombino, Josephine Woodward, Laura Aquilino and Bill Wowk…
Missing from photo: Deacon Bill Palmisano and Fr. Gene.