Lectors (Readers)

Moderator: Deacon Rich Arcari  deaconarcari@aol.com

To proclaim the Good News is truly a joy and a gift shared by the entire parish family. Lectors (also referred to as Readers)  are men and women who discern a call to proclaim the scripture reading and the intercessions  during parish worship and other liturgical functions.  To be a Lector demands responsibility and faithful commitment. This ministry calls not only for a special gift in proclaiming the Word of the Lord, but also requires extensive preparation. The Lector is the storyteller of the community. Like the elders of a family, the Lector publicly tells the stories that identify us as a People of God. Lectors proclaim the Word of God, therefore, they must be comfortable with public speaking, and proficient with diction, enunciation, pronunciation, and projection.

What an honor to proclaim to an assembly of believers the Word of God, words written by holy men as inspired by the Holy Spirit! What great privilege to be God’s instrument in reading from the Scriptures – words that nourish, admonish, instruct, and inspire, words that, when lived out, bring one closer to God. If you are interested in serving as a Lector/Reader, please contact the Rectory at (609) 585-7049 or Deacon Rich Arcari.