Faith Sharing Group

Faith Sharing Group

Coordinator:  Deacon Bob Tharp

                                                     Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a process in which a person meets regularly, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with a competently trained spiritual director to seek some guidance, reassurance, discernment, or affirmation in developing a deeper, richer relationship with the Lord. It is a process in which the director helps the individual become more aware of the presence and prompting of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.

Spiritual direction may be for a short period of time to look at a particular spiritual issue that a person may be troubled by or it may be for a longer period of time when a person seeks continual spiritual growth.

Spiritual direction is the Holy Spirit directing a person’s heart and soul toward God and should not be confused with problem solving, counseling or advice giving.

If you would like more information about spiritual direction or believe you would like to try spiritual direction for yourself please call Deacon Bob Tharp at 609-890-1011.