Parish Implementation Team

Parish Implementation Team

Chairperson:  Jennifer Sidone
Secretary:   Nancy Rhodes
Bill Wowk
Courtney Renegar
Rev. Gene P. Daguplo

Diocese of Trenton has launched an initiative called “Faith in Our Future” to address challenges facing the diocese and the changing realities of the Catholic Church. Parish-based Implementation Team consisting of four lay, non-staff parishioners and the pastor was formed to develop strategies and determine action plans to strengthen and reinvigorate parish with Bishop’s goals and directives in place.

The Diocese has approved the action plans submitted at the end of June by the Cohort 6 Faith In Our Future Implementation Team. Plans were developed through a series of team meetings during the spring and early summer in the following areas:

  • Community Outreach, with an emphasis on working with parishes to explore if there are ways that joining forces can enhance existing pro-life activities and food pantry support.
  • Faith Education, with an emphasis on offering supplemental joint faith enrichment activities that might be added to current RCIA and CCD programs.
  • Youth and Young Adult Programs, with an emphasis on strengthening cohort-wide activities that will bring more youth to Christ, while enriching relationships within their families and the community

Now, the Implementation Team will begin working in collaborative partnership with pastoral staff and ministry leaders across the cohort’s five parishes – Our Lady of Sorrows-St. Anthony, St. Gregory the Great, St.John the Baptist, St. Raphael-Holy Angels and St. Vincent de Paul. This work will involve identifying ways we can better collaborate to strengthen and enliven our parishes; better coordinate our ministries; and, make the best use of our resources.

The Cohort-wide Implementation Team works with the Diocesan Planning Commission (DPC) of the Diocese of Trenton, which includes providing periodic updates to the DPC regarding progress being made on each goal.

In addition, Cohort 6 has adopted the name Lumen Christi – literally, the Light of Christ – indicating that we wish for our parishes to be visibly “On Fire!” for Christ in all we do. We seek to worship with a profound sense of gratitude, joy, adoration and praise, serving as a beacon of love and hope to those who are searching for a meaning and purpose in life.